SOX10 and Pan Melanoma for Melanoma

sox 10Markers such as S100 and MART-1 have traditionally been used to identify melanoma.(1-2) Pan Melanoma (MART-1 and Tyrosinase) has also been shown to be a very sensitive and specific marker in metastatic melanomas.(4) But these markers are not ideal, as MART-1 and Tyrosinase have demonstrated a lack of sensitivity in desmoplastic melanoma (DM) and spindle cell melanoma (SCM) (1-2) while S100 has been shown to lack specificity.(1,3) A newer antibody, SOX10, has been shown to be a sensitive marker for melanoma including 98% of spindle and desmoplastic subtypes.(5-7) Use of SOX10 in conjunction with Pan Melanoma may provide a higher sensitivity and specificity than using S100 alone.

  • SOX10 showed equivalent sensitivity to S100
  • SOX10 & Pan Melanoma was negative in normal lymph node
  • Pan Melanoma alone only stained 50% of DM & SCM
  • 93% of all melanomas stained with SOX10 & Pan Melanoma

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